“Some days, I wonder why you don’t show your love, and now my finger is wearing the words of love! Wedding day, I wish to be for someone, build a bright future with someone… “.

These are the beautiful words in the “wedding day” song of Do Bao musician used to describe the happy couple expecting their belonging future together. The wedding season is the time many couples with warm hearts are thrill to start a new journey. The bride, the groom are the two indispensable characters, when mentioning the summer wedding. If the veston makes grooms more gentle in their big day, gorgeous dress with embroidered lotus detail makes the bride become a Princess in real life. Inspired by the current trend, the 17th students of TDTU Fashion Design created these wonderful ideas and implemented the gorgeous “The married costumes” in order to contribute new elements and enrich the capital market. After more than two months of working, starting from the sketch page, students created and produced many unique and lovely designs.

Flower door designed with paper-rose made the D-day more lively. The words “Vu Quy” emphasizes the significance design and hopes to bring the most beautiful photos to brides in their day. Models performed all the designs and students defended for their projects in front of the council. Students showed their concern about the product developments and put efforts in the commercial poster design.

The parties ended with the professional results. After errors changing sequences and materials experiment, students had a chance to gain their experiences, accumulated more useful knowledge at the end of this wedding dress project.

K17 Wedding Outfit Projects

Images by Tran The Luan

Written bt MA. Nguyen Hong Khiem