In order to create the network, connection between university and enterprises, and providing the practical learning environment for students, at 8:00 AM on November 24th, 2016 lecturer and students of Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts visited Vietnam TOA Painting factory in Tan Dong Hiep A, Di An Town, Binh Duong Province.
TOA in Vietnam is a member of the TOA Paint Group (Thailand), has entered the Vietnamese market for 21 years and also has a history of over 50 years in Thailand. This is a specializing enterprise in the production and distribution of paints in the Southeast region and other Asian countries. So, organizing a field-trip for students to their factory is the rewarding experiences and ẹnoyable activities in the programs of the Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts.

It was an interesting and useful tour for 3rd-year students with some practical experiences. Despite the fact that it was only short visiting, joyful and radiance was reflected on twenty-two young faces.


Arriving in TOA Factory, our lecturer and students visited a wider workshop area of 6 hectares equipped with modern producing lines. It shows the professionally organizing and effectiveness, contains multi-stages activities such as: Mixing paint ideas department – this is the place where they research on various types of paint for many subject distributions (architecture, interiors, civil products, cars…); Packaging Design department; Quick and accurate packaging lines department; Tidy transportation and storage in warehouses for preservation department… All design and production activities are in a closed process with granted advanced machinery technology by Thailand’s regulations. In addition, the factory also has the system of modern waste treatment. This waste is classified as difficult to handle, but the results have been verified as re-using Class “B” water which does not pollute the environment.

At the meeting, the business leaders welcomed the visiting delegation with care and thoughtful. Students introduced to the history of TOA famous paint product lines and existed ones on the market. Then the counselor guides the tour to visit each department within the plant (recording is strict by regulations). Workers create high-performance products with their skills and industrial styles. Besides the production, it is worth notice that the waste treatment system is located behind the factory and it brings a healthy environment to manufacturing place and neighborhoods. Visitors are explained carefully in wearing shoes, masks for their safety. The journey ended with gifts for each student, they took memorable pictures in front of the factory.

After the tour at TOAfactory, Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts students have learned many useful things such as: How to organize the program and manage timelines; Working with mobility, accuracy, scientific styles, creative and professional environment; especially how to have teamwork in every stage of production lines.

Written and Images by: Tran Thanh Hieu, MA.