Analyzing the nature by sketching (flower leaves, insects and animals drawing) is a required subject in art school. It is probably unfamiliar with the fine art students. At the Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts, students are equipped with hand drawing skill; be able to create recorded objects with bold, pale outcomes without polishing drawing technique which makes the drawings have a realistic effect. They can make depth, space and volume of objects by releasing or pressing strokes created by pens or pencils. These skills are not really simple, they require a process of training, put feelings into drawings, and efforts in the studying steps.
Flowers, insects are not strangers, but everyone usually doesn’t have time to observe, analyze their structures methodically and scientifically; so the recording was extremely helpful for a future designer. This course helps students have filtering capabilities, creative thinking and they can turn the real objects into designed products according to their majors.

Sketching nature sessions with lecturers always generate excitement for students. They are introduced the species, instructed on how to analyze and draw in the perfect aspects.

Images and written by Nguyen Thuy Hanh, Artist.