Recently on 28.09.2016 at «D802 home sweet home», the marking council for K17 Industrial Design (fourth-year students) took place.


Over the years, jewelry has always been a worth waiting course that industrial design students are excited to learn. The graduate students frequently perform the selection of jewelry for their important themes. On the other hand, Jewellery Project is the only project in the module system comes with technical guidance; it helps students understand the depth of field in jewelry design and how to develop a kinship within; it also helps them to learn the basic ability to create pieces of designed jewelry according to their ideas.

As annual, this two disciplines (jewelry and jewelry technique) are marked at the same time, the design aspects and technical goals are rated on the same set of tires. The difference in the requirements of this year compared to previous years is an emphasis on the wax prototyping skill of students instead of a finished metal product. This brought an interesting aspect for the period – all final products were in turquoise color – and aimed to the focal points, increased the time for students to implement the core course. It is the ability to create on the wax figure.

Keep calm


and keep on


The day was passed in a friendly atmosphere between lecturers and students. K17 has biggest numbers of students in Industrial Design Department up to now, and it could be the reason for the spreading vitality in the marking council. After the cleanup, all three groups had an «off the heezy fosheezy» with lecturers at the school canteen.

Do you feel the energy of K17 Industrial Design students in these photos?

Images bt Nguyen Son Ha

Written by Duong Lien Trang Nha