Within the recent effort to exhibit student’s result of every Industrial Design project, K18 student’s showcase of two courses “Jewelry design project” & “Jewelry making techniques” was conducted at Hall D from 27th November to 1st December 2017. Since the showcase was free entrance for everyone, Hall D has become the frequent stop for any pass-byer from students to lecturers from other faculties and outside guests.

As there were two courses with two different marking standards exhibited together, the final outcome presentation of each student had a mix look and explanation were needed for the viewers to get the idea.

The “Jewelry design project” mainly focused on the concept development and the overall beauty and suitability in use while the “Jewelry making techniques” asked for the prototype making techniques via expression on wax and at least one piece must be finished on metal.

Therefore, each student’s display must have an idea presentation board with dimensions and perspectives together with physical prototypes – made by wax and metal.

These two jewelry studios are designed to provide student a set of basic skills in jewelry design. This has been proved through the past few years to influence student’s mindset and intention for having a future plan. Many students who are now successful alumni in jewelry related career made decision to pursue this field after studying the courses.

The exhibition therefore is hoped to generate more inspiration for the current and to-be-graduate students to think about this promising area.

Photo by student Lam Khanh Nien.