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Industrial Design (Industrial Design – ID) – in addition to being known with the name: shaping design, product design … – is the field of work in terms of form and function with products that are manufactured according to industrial or craft chain. Shape designers have the role of bringing a new format for the individual and public product systems, though small in size or large in scale. In a society where production is increasingly industrialized, to make products that create the impression and attraction not only utility but also aesthetics to customers depending on the industrial designers.

Moving forward with the world’s development, industrial designers are now beyond the design limits of the physical product that can touch to get to the design experienced zone, combined with the modern technology increasingly changing the society’s views of the so-called “products”.


To become an industrial designer, you need to have a creative and willing to engage in work, love of innovation; interested in the technology and materials to create a new face for life through innovative products; ready to acquire more knowledge in the fields of social, environmental, economic … related to products being designed.

In other words, if you’re a fan of the convenience, like “activities limbs” to create small things or like improved what is not good about yourself, then you’re already fit this industry!


The product area of this faculty stretches from physical products to these products that bring the experience, product performance from decorative to complex in terms of use and composition, method of manufacturing, product size from small to large-scale. This diversity is synonymous with open work opportunities and the ability to convert field flexibility for product designers.


Like the other design industries, industrial design should start with the ability of block drawing and thinking. Besides that, other possibilities will be cultivated during the learning process, including knowledge of aesthetic, ergonomic, sketching skills, 3D rendering, construction on each specific material (ceramic, wood, metal, leather, paper, bamboo and cork …); the ability to plan and experience design process, self-questioning, research and provide solutions through a new product.
Graduation project implemented in last year is an opportunity for students to apply all the knowledge and skills to solve deeper problems of the specific product.





Due to the “industrial” characteristics, besides the classroom systems and painting interior rooms as other sectors, students of industrial design have specialized subjects studying in two large workshops of the Faculty: a “heavy”  workshop with multiple machines that can be constructed of wood, metal and large spatial modeling, and a “light” workshop to make small models, jewelry or leather …

In addition, there is also studios – where student can perform snapshots to promote and highlight the finished products.


In specialized subjects – especially the Development system, students will have the opportunity to practice with companies, brands – professional environments to experience. Lecturers of the specialized subjects are international experts and domestic experience in design, product design business

In addition, the national and international competition system as for the field of industrial design are varied. These include a number of reputation names such as the Hoa Mai, Lotus, The Asia shoe design contest, iF Design Award, the Red Dot Design Award … The participation in this competition will bring a lot of experience for student; if the winner will take the opportunity to get the employers’ attention early, or can be supported right after school.

Students of TDTU industrial design industry regularly participate and win these contests above, including The Asia shoe design contest, the Hoa Mai.

Employment Opportunities

As mentioned above, work for product designers stretches over everything called “products”.

After leaving university, just an understanding of the learned design principles, you can begin your career with any custom fields depending your hobbies – from design to store jewelry, wickets, barriers or household products …

Morphology work for product designers can diverse, including work in the design department of company, factories; opening design studio by yourself, individual or group, or become a freelance designer.


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