Fashion Design in the Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts was founded in 2003 with the aim of training and providing human resources on design knowledge and skills, who can participate in the economic – social construction and development of the country in the new era.

The training program of the fashion design industry is built based on the reference frame structure equivalent industry training programs from other universities in the Top 100 in the world such as: the University of New South Wales, University of Westminster… at the same time the program was completed in the correct process reviews ton Duc Thang University, the review contributions of the employers, alumni and the prestigious experts from Vietnam and the world.

The program provides students with basic knowledge about the principles of design, training methods as well as design thinking through diversified and specialized projects. In addition, the program also provides students with the knowledge of the material and the unique material process such as Ribbon stitch dye Batik, Knitting, Smocking, Shibori, Marbling (drawing pattern stone)…

Besides, the program also focused on improving the skills needed for students such as: work out the method illustrated in the drawing, fashion design, tailoring techniques and tutorials from simple to complex.

In addition to the regular curriculum, students of fashion design industry have the opportunity to participate in the activities of the fashion Club, attended the lively activity of the Faculty and the University. Faculty also frequently associated with the business organizations of interest, opinion, held contests designed to help students develop the comprehensive knowledge and professional skills. In the program of the industry is still some modules are taught in English and training support from businesses, reputable company in Vietnam and abroad. In particular, the specialized trainers always wholeheartedly support about expertise, encourage students to staff the confidence to attend the competition in the country.

Faculty also some international links program of training. From the academic year 2008-2009, the Faculty was held last semester internship program for students of fashion design at the University of Shute (Taiwan). Students after graduation exercises in Taiwan have many opportunities to receive scholarships.

The Faculty also has several relationships with international schools such as: Germany, Taiwan, Korea. On average each year there are 10 weekly professors, prestigious design experts to work at the faculty, exchange of knowledge and professional experiences with students.


fashion design


In order to train up a team of experts capable of high design, fashion design industry of the Faculty is equipped with systems of modern material basis as:

-Research system graphics, self-study (500 m 2)
-Interior painting Rooms: 3 rooms (54 m2/1 room)
-Studio rooms: 1 room (37 m2)
-Academic Rooms: 1 room (140 m2)
-Tailoring practice: 1 room (140 m2)

The system connection infrastructure wireless network covering the whole of the classrooms of the faculty to ensure all students can access the Internet easily.

Employment Opportunities

Through the survey, this Faculty had confirmed to the 90% of graduates of the fashion design industry is working with stable wages and proper training fields. This demonstrates the quality of training of the Faculty has prestige in the society, create confidence for business careers.

After completion of the training program at the Faculty, Bachelor in Fashion design can join work in the companies, enterprise… as a fashion designer (Fashion Designer), can do a fashion editor, a stylist in the fashion magazines, fashion magazines… or can participate in intensive research, teach at the College, the University has specialization in fashion design.


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