In order to exchange culture and expand the vision of the industrial design in Asia, the Graphic Design Department officially launched the “Summer 2017 Study” program for graphic students.

The “Summer 2017 Fieldtrip” program is designed specifically for graphic students. Students participating in this program must define that this trip is not a regular vacation, this is a chance to experience 5 days in a strange place as an actual oversea student. This program is dedicated for the 18th students, helping you to gain more knowledge and new ideas before entering the Graduation Project in the final year. And the destination is one of the famous countries for Art & Design in Asia: Thailand.

Program includes main activities:

  • Visiting the university of Art and design.
  • Visiting the art museum.
  • Acknowledging the graphic design market of Thailand.
  • Researching the International identity design.
  • Exploring the street art.
  • Exploring the food art of Thailand.
  • Immersing in the graphic design paradise in Bangkok.

With many other activities, like “a reality show”, this will bring you more experience in life. In order to participate in this journey on May 2017, from now you need to prepare these important things:


  • A passport.
  • Schedule your 2nd and summer semesters to be suitable with this program.
  • Saving money from now (estimating the cost to be around 6.000.000 VND at this time, and this cost can be adjusted slightly when starting day is decided).Having a good health to participate in this program, experiencing 5 days as an oversea student.

Other interesting informations will be announced by Graphic Design department. Just remember to pay your attention to it!